Contains iPS cell culture supernatant

Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum

made in Japan


Labanne Lash inspire serum

Made in Japan
Contains iPS cell culture supernatant*1
Salon quality eyelash and eyeblow serum.
Can be used by people with eyelash perms and
eyelash extensions.
Internal capacity:3mL


Beauty World Japan Tokyo
Beauty World Japan Tokyo
May 16~18, 2022
Beauty World Japan Osaka
Beauty World Japan Osaka
October 24~26, 2022

It is sold at various salons.
Beauty salon, hair salon, eyelash salon, nail salon, etc.

  • eyelash salon
  • hair salon
  • beauty salon
  • nail salon

Contains iPS cell culture supernatant

  • eyelash extensions OK
  • eyelash perm OK

Labanne Lash inspire serum 【Eyelash and Eyeshadow Serum】

iPS cell culture supernatant

iPS cell

iPS cells is a type of artificial stem cells that is made from "somatic cells" such as skin, liver, and blood.
They are special stem cells that have the ability to differentiate into cells of various tissues and can proliferate indefinitely.

iPS cell culture supernatant is obtained while culturing iPS cells. Once iPS cells are created, they are put in a warm environment containing nutrients (medium) for growth.
This process is called “cell culture”, and iPS cells that proliferate by cell division, produce substances such as growth factors, cytokines and exosomes.
These substances are made inside the cells, get released externally, and dissolve into liquid medium. This liquid is called cell culture supernatant.

Contains about 300 substances.

  • Contains exosomes
  • Contains cytokines
  • Contains growth factors

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Contains iPS cell culture supernatant

made in Japan

  • Face care
    Face care
  • Face mask
    Face mask
  • Hair care
    Hair care

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contains iPS cell culture supernatant*1.

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